Indian Head Massage
Treatment Room
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Our range of complementary therapies is carried out in a comfortable, specially designed therapy room by our own fully qualified, trained therapist. The massage table is electronically adjustable, enabling the client ease of access as well as providing great comfort throughout the treatment. An initial consultation session will take place in an adjacent room before any treatment to access the client’s needs and to ascertain any specific focus of the treatment.


Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit. The value of natural plant oils has been recognised for more than 6000 years for their healing, cleansing, preservative and mood-enhancing properties as well as for the pleasure of their fragrances. The art of aromatherapy harnesses these aromatic essences to restore the harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology is a safe and simple process which promotes better health by reducing stress and tension, strengthening the body’s ability to resist disease, thereby increasing energy, flushing toxins out of the system and improving circulation so the body can heal itself. The various organs, nerves and glands in your body are connected with ‘reflex areas’ on the soles, toes, tops and sides of your feet. By applying pressure to specific areas on the feet, remarkable healing effects are noted in seemingly unconnected and unrelated regions of the body.

Indian Head Massageis a form of deep massage created in India thousands of years ago, derived from the Ayurvedic tradition that focuses on the head, shoulders and neck. Head massage is a truly holistic therapy that balances the mind, body and spirit as it has a far-reaching effect on every system in the body. Benefits include improved circulation, improved mobility to the joints, relief from tension headaches and eye strain and a general feeling of well-being.


 Cost of Treatments
TREATMENT Length of treatment Cost
Reflexology foot massage 1 hour £35
Reflexology hand massage 1 hour £25
Aromatherapy whole body massage 1½ hours £45
Indian head massage ¾ hour £20
  (plus consultation time – approx. 15 mins)